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Muay Thai Ranking Systems for
United States Schools

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United World Muay Thai Association was formed in 1993 by Vut kamnark
who saw the need for a better governing body over Muay Thai fighting regulations
in Thailand and the United States. The United World Muay Thai Association
Promote sanctioned fights worldwide ! We are a non profit organization
dedicated to the Study and Enlightenment of Muay Thai - Muay Boran Martial Arts
and All Martial Artist's World wide. Thank you for your interest.

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United World Muay Thai Association 

Ranking Systems
USA schools only

  1. Ranking systems for Muay Thai Schools
  2. Welcome Muay Thai Khru / Instructors
  3. As most of you already know, Muay Thai has no official ranking system other than your fight status; this works well in Thailand; however, in the states, most students of Martial arts are used to Belt ranking systems or other forms of progression and achievement acknowledgment such as certificates and colored belts.
  4. As instructors and gym owners, you must decide how you will incorporate the many forms of ranking systems into your schools and find the system that works best for you. Below are some of the top Grading and ranking systems used today by instructors and Muay Thai institutions everywhere.
  5. Listed below are the top 3 Ranking systems in use today in the United States.

Khan level ranking system
Many schools have adopted the Khan level progression system, including the Muay Thai federation and other Muay Thai schools. This system of student progression is outlined here.  This is also the ranking system United World Muay Thai Association uses in the United States.

1st Khan - White - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat. 
2nd Khan - Yellow - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat.
3rd Khan - Yellow and White - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat.
4th Khan - Green - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat
5th Khan - Green and White - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat.
6th Khan - Blue - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat.
7th Khan - Blue and White - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat.
8th Khan - Brown - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat
9th Khan - Brown and White - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat.
10th Khan - Red - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat.

Instructor Levels:
11th Khan - Red and White - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Projeat ( Jr instructor ) Instructor.
12th Khan - Red and Yellow - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Projeat ( Khru / instructor ) + 5 years teaching.
13th Khan - Red and White - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Projeat ( Senior Khru / instructor Khru Yai ) + 10 Years teaching
14th Khan - Silver - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat ( Master Instructor ) Aajaan. +20 years Teaching.
15th Khan - Gold - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Prajeat ( Grand Master ). +30 Years

Other Muay Thai Schools like - JD Muay Thai K1 - has the same as above except for a level 15 Khan that is Silver and Gold - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Projeat
16th Khan is Gold - Druang Rang / Prajioud / Projeat - Grand Master

Tassels only Ranking system
Many Schools use an armband Tassel system only for ranking students; the Tassels are called Druang Rang or Projeat or Prajioud  
White - Beginner Student 
Yellow - Basic Knowledge
Green - intermediate
Blue - Advanced knowledge of Muay Thai techniques
Black - All basic and Advanced knowledge of Muay Thai techniques and theory
Red - Jr Instructor
Red and Black - Instructor / Khru

Certificate only Level Grading and Rank
Other schools use the Level system with Certificate only ranking; listed Below are the most popular Certificate only systems. This system is very popular with most gyms and instructors who have previous martial arts experience before teaching Muay Thai.  
level 0 - ( white belt equivalent ) - 6 months 
Level 1 - ( Yellow Belt Equivalent ) - 6 months
Level 2 - ( Orange Belt Equivalent ) - 6 Months
Level 3 - ( Purple belt Equivalent ) - 6 months
Level 4 - ( Blue Belt Equivalent ) - 6 months
Level 5 - ( Green Belt Equivalent ) - 6 months
Level 6 - ( Brown Belt Equivalent ) - 6 months
Level 7 - ( Black Belt Equivalent ) - 6 months ( 4 years of training )
Level 8 - ( Jr instructor - 2nd Dan/Degree Black Equivalent ) 5 - 6 years of training 
Level 9 - ( Instructor / Khru - 3rd Dan/Degree Black Equivalent ) - 8 years of training
Level 10 - ( Senior Instructor / Khru - 5th Dan/Degree Black ) - ( 5 years of teaching )
Level 11 - ( Master Instructor / Khru - 8th/Dan/Degree Black ) - ( 10 + years as instructor )
Level 12 - ( Grand Master Instructor / Khru - 10th Dan/Degree Black ) - ( 20 years as instructor )

Please Note:
All Black Belt Dan/Degree's shown above represent Equivalents for Western and the United States Martial Arts Students, and for the Art of Muay Thai Kick Boxing or Muay Boran Martial Arts, there are no official ranking systems for Muay Boran or Muay Thai Kick Boxing.
Many Variations of these Ranking systems are in effect today; they are easy to incorporate into most gyms and schools. Many schools use levels in between these 12 to rank the students up every three months instead of every six months, like giving the student a white with a yellow stripe after three months and so on. You must find the right system for your school or gym, and these top 3 systems are just example guidelines to help you get started. 


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