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No Bullying Allowed Here!
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No Bullying Here

No Bullying Allowed Here! T-Shirt

The United World Muay Thai Association (UWMTA) is extremely excited to introduce our new, NO BULLYING ALLOWED HERE!!tm,
timely, multi colored, 2 sided tee shirt, awarded to students that reach a specific rank in your school, to include anti bullying
training. This tee shirt, can only be given or worn, when the school is satisfied that the student has successfully completed
their self defense regimen, within a time frame, & achievement level they deem appropriate(those kids that have tenure in
training, may automatically be eligible).

We are working with, & fully endorsing Southampton Enterprises,The WorldZZ DefenderZZtm brand owner/designer/mfgr,
of this great looking shirt, with background colors available in white, blue, or black & your school logo printed at top center.

It is extremely important, that kids are made aware of signals indicating a potential bullying situation, so they can avoid
injury, utilizing specific reactive & proactive self defense measures, taught to them at your school. They will definitely
want to earn & wear this beautiful tee shirt, & now become part of this grass roots effort, to help stamp out bullying.

Bullying is a terror threat to all kids, particularly those in the 6th thru 8th grades, who are most at risk, & by supporting this
universal anti-bullying cause, featured on an impactful, branded tee shirt, your kids become a walking billboard for your
school, sharing this important message wherever they go. Parents will now be offered the opportunity to purchase adult
sizes as well, supporting their child's training achievement, while endorsing your martial arts school, & this very relevant
anti-bullying platform.

Interested schools, will need to take prepaid orders for a minimum of 25 tee shirts(additional quantities must be made in
25 shirt increments), with cost of $20 per shirt(plus UPS/handling charge from Phila, PA), with a very reasonable suggested
sell price to parents at $29.99, w/wearer giving every day advertising for your school. Purchase orders to be emailed tp
Southampton Enterprises(our vendor), with(1) quantity & size for each kid & parent tee shirt, (2) school address & contact
info, & (3)pdf, jpeg or vector image of your school's logo. Once this info is received, Southampton will email your school
an invoice, which must be paid in advance to them, before shirts can be shipped.

Southampton Enterprises contact info: Southampton Enterprises, 314 Anthem Way, Chalfont, PA 18914
Email: - phone(215)208-6039(call on E. Coast time)

Bill Petros
Chief Of Staff UWMTA


141 East 55th st,
New York, NY 10022


Houston, Texas
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