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United World Muay Thai Association

Founding and Honorary Members

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About Us

United World Muay Thai Association was formed in 1993 by Vut kamnark
who saw the need for a better governing body over Muay Thai fighting regulations
in Thailand and the United States. The United World Muay Thai Association
Promote sanctioned fights worldwide ! We are a non profit organization
dedicated to the Study and Enlightenment of Muay Thai - Muay Boran Martial Arts
and All Martial Artist's World wide. Thank you for your interest.

United World Muay Thai Association | | Alphomega Sounds inc Subsidiary

Muay Thai / Muay Boran


About Muay Thai Techniques and

The martial arts of Muay Thai 


Founding Member

Honorary President
Aajaan Vut Kamnark

Kru Vut came to the U.S.A., where he spent 17 years establishing Muay Thai.
His contributions include founding the United World Muay Thai Association U.W.M.T.A. in 1993, which presented over 100 training camps across the U.S.A., helping the art of Muay Thai thrive in the states, as many were not familiar with this fighting style, this way of life!

Kru Vut produced a top-rated Muay Thai training video series and worked closely with the California State Athletic Commission to establish Muay Thai in the United States.
Also, some consider him to be the most outstanding Muay Thai fight promoter in the entire U.S.

Presently, Kru Vut Kamnark is the International Director for the University’s Muay Thai College in Thailand, With his guidance, the College now seeks to build ties internationally and promote authentic Muay Thai and all of its culture and values to the World.

We Honor him with every breath, and with all we do at the United World Muay Thai Association, for without Kru Vut, it would have never come to be!
He has our deepest respect as our teacher, as a Muay Thai Instructor and the respect of the whole Muay Thai community.

Without his strong determination and willingness to bring and teach Muay Thai in the United States, and share this fighting style, we believe, we would not be as knowledgeable as we are in this ancient art.

THANK YOU! From all our heart!!

Honored Member

Aajaan Daniel C Docto

Khru Doc has spent most of his life devoted to the Martial Arts, And we Honor him for his dedication and achievements in the martial arts world, and for dedicating 30 years to the Art and lifestyle we love the most - Muay Thai.

Thank you Doc, for inspiring and teaching so many! 

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Khru Doc
"Sawasdee krab ... Hello Thailand style ... how can we serve - help YOU ??

The Year 2020 marks 30 years of Muay Thai experience ... wow krab !!
MTM is committed to make the Muay Thai family worldwide the best and the biggest family in combat sports as we share, teach, train all those who want to truly know Thailand's #1 Ring Sport of Muay Thai.
That is full of Royal Honor, Respect, Humbleness, Meekness, Culture and Thailand History ... krab !!
Phra JAO uay phra pon MAK krab ... big blessings, Khru DOC"

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New York, NY 10022


Houston, Texas
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