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United World Muay Thai Association was formed in 1993 by Vut kamnark
who saw the need for a better governing body over Muay Thai fighting regulations
in Thailand and the United States. The United World Muay Thai Association
Promote sanctioned fights worldwide ! We are a non profit organization
dedicated to the Study and Enlightenment of Muay Thai - Muay Boran Martial Arts
and All Martial Artist's World wide. Thank you for your interest.

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Muay Thai / Muay Boran


About Muay Thai Techniques and

The martial arts of Muay Thai 


Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many gyms are there in my area? We are working to affiliate with more gyms every day. If you need help finding a gym, please give us a call 212-935-4441 and we will help you find a credited gym, if we have no affiliates in your area, we will still do the research for you and find the gym with the best fit for your needs.
  2. Even though I train or trained at a school or gym that is not affiliated with the uwmta, can I still get certified for my rank and level with you? Yes, we will check with your current or past Kru or instructor and give you a certification for that rank or level, all free or charge. ( Printed 11x17 certificate - addition fee )
  3. I want to open my own school, How many years of training does it take to become a certified teacher in Muay Thai or Muay Boran? And will the uwmta back me with credentials ? Well to answer the first question, anyone can open a gym or school, but the more years of training you have the better teacher-Kru you will be. In most cases a junior Instructor is about 5-7 years or so depending on the student. To become a senior instructor take s about 10 years. A Junior instructor can teach beginner to intermediate students.  Yes, if you open a new gym and we feel you have the right training we will back you and your school by sending web traffic your way and recommending new student in your area to your gym all 100% free.
  4. Does the uwmta charge for affiliate pages or spots on your website? NO, any school or gym may advertise their gym free of charge, even if they are not registered as a official affiliate school of the uwmta.


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MMA / Muay Thai Shorts

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Here at the UWMTA we will never recommend any gear or sports wear that we would not use ourselves!

We acquired some MMA shorts and really like Them!
The fit is just right and they feel good on.  We like a loose fit shorts, so we would recommend one size larger. We have been training in them for over a month and would recommend them to anyone looking for MMA or Muay Thai shorts. The prices are very reasonable too.


Member Blog Posts

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Member Comments:

Smile and laugh!

Soon our schedules should be back to normal, and instead of missing our old schedules, i'm looking forward to our new ones!

Jim Evest


Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for my gym to start up again. It has been a exercise in patients waiting to train again.

Julie Franklin


No workout help!

Due to Covid-19 Our gym has had to cancel all group training sessions, so no buddy workouts
only private lessons have been available.

Brianna Scott


Member Blog Posts

Member comments:

Workout 4 days a Week

I love hitting the long bag. Every morning I do 30 mins of, front teep, Elbows and knees. It gets me ready for the day.

Brian Scott


Covid-19 Isolation

I train all the time now, with social distancing and most places I used to go closed down, I spend all my spare time working out and sleeping, and eating too.

Andrew Smith


The Bully Factor

A friend told me about Muay Thai and how much of a great sport and activity it was, So I thought to try it. I do admit, training was hard when your used to sitting at a computer desk all day long, but after a few weeks, I got used to it and feel more confident then ever!

David Tate


Member Blog Posts

Member Comments:

I love Muay Thai

I started out in Shaolin Kempo and then moved to Muay Thai, being in sports and fitness was a big part of my upbringing and with many family members in the martial art, I learned to LOVE iT!!



Fighting for me is a way of life.

I have been in the martial arts all my life and after I joined the UWMTA, I trained at Blue Tiger for more that 10 years and started being a referee for amateur fight circuit and then moved on to pro and I do this full time now.

Tate Shane


Houston Lady Safe classes

We live in Texas and though it is a pretty safe place, My wife started taking Lady Safe classes it was sponsored by the UWMTA, I eventually found a muay thai gym in my area and have been working out a couple a days a week for more that 13 years




141 East 55th st,
New York, NY 10022


Houston, Texas
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