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United World Muay Thai Association was formed in 1993 by Vut kamnark
who saw the need for a better governing body over Muay Thai fighting regulations
in Thailand and the United States. The United World Muay Thai Association
Promote sanctioned fights worldwide ! We are a non profit organization
dedicated to the Study and Enlightenment of Muay Thai - Muay Boran Martial Arts
and All Martial Artist's World wide. Thank you for your interest.

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Tai Chi
Lesson One

Tai Chi Chuan

What Is Tai Chi

Martial Arts Discipline

Tai=Chi is an ancient Chinese martial arts tradition that is now being used as an exercise that entails physical exercise, mastering breathing and stretching. It is often used to reduce stress and anxiety. Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of Tai=Chi students have been taught by teachers who have mastered the Chinese art form and techniques for thousands of years. The basic steps of this art form include hand movements and techniques, stances, leg techniques and body forms. It is also known as shadow boxing and Tai Chi Chuan and is based upon the body movements and postures that flow into the next posture. The understanding is that our bodies are in constant motion. Tai0Chi is taught all around the world and is used for competitive wrestling, competitive demonstrations and to reduce health risks that obstruct living your best life.

The History Of Tai-Chi
The origin of Tai-Chi is obscure. The art form has been shown as far back as the 8th century. Famous Taoist priest Zhang Shanfeng was a large part of the development of Tai-Chi. He was believed to have super human internal powers. However the first known written reference to Tai -Chi was during the Zhou dynasty in The Book of Changes between 1100 to 1221 B.C. when it talks about "in all changes exist Tai-Chi, which causes the two opposites in everything." Tai Chi is one of the major branches of the ancient Chinese traditions and was originally created for self defense and to promote inner peace, Chen Wangting created her Chen style Tai-Chai in 1670. Yang Lu Chan learned from the Chen Village. Other styles also developed throughout the years. Tai Chi means the ultimate of ultimate which is a reference to the vastness of the universe.

What Are The 5 Major Styles of Tai-Chi?
Chen - The Chen style of Tai-Chi is the oldest style and the beginning for the other styles. It was created in 1670 by a retired general named Chen Wangting. He created the Chen style by combining the Yin and Yang study from The Book of Changes, traditional Chinese medicine theory, and Qigong breathing exercises.

Yang - It is by far the most popular and done by students all around the world. Yang Tai Chi is a modified version of the Chen style. It consists of slow, continuous circular movements in a flowing form moving from one posture to another.

Wu - Created by Wu Jianquan, this is the second most popular form of Tai Chi. The art form was founded in the 19th century in China. It includes the Su style short form and the expanded medium form that use Cloud Hands, Repulse Monkey and the Lotus Kick.

Wu/Hao Tai Chi was founded by Wu Yuxiang in the mid 19th century. The first phases use most body parts for separation of the mind. The second phase is the practice of internal energy..

Sun - The sun Tai Chi is known for its' smooth flowing movement as opposed to the crouching and leaping found in other forms of Tai-Chi. The Sun style is not as vigorous as other forms. Grand Master Sun Lu Tang is credited with founding this style of Tai-Chi There is an International Sun Tai-Chi Association that was founded in 2000. by Thomas Duterme, Dr. Jacques Moramarco and Eric Lee.

There are also different lesser known stylesof Tai-Chi that include Zhaobao style, Li style, Lee style, Fu style and the Wudang style.

What Kind of Clothing is Needed For A Tai-Chi Session?
Loose clothing that allows for free movement of the body is needed for each session. You will also need flat, soft fitted shoes.

How Long Is A Tai-Chi Session?
A Tai-Chi session usually takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Ideally the session is done outside in the fresh air but can be done indoors. The ideal time to do the art form is in the morning. This will allow you to get your day started in a great mental and physical state of mind.

Benefits of Tai-Chi
Tai-Chi offers many benefits that include: decreased stress, anxiety and depression, improved mood, improved aerobics ability, increased energy and stamina, improved flexibility, agility and balance, improved muscle strength and definition, improved quality of sleep, lowered blood pressure, enhanced immune system, decreased joint pain, improved symptoms of congestive heart failure, reduced risks of falls and hels with your overall well being.
Who Can Do Tai-Chi?
Tai-Chi exercises have minimum stress to your bones and joints. They are slow paced exercises that can be done by young people to the elderly. Tai Chi offers an older person a better chance for continuous movement, that will help strengthen the body and make movement easier.

What Is Yin And Yang In Tai-Chi?
The Yin and Yang symbol is an ancient Chinese concept that dates back thousands of years. It shows an in depth study into the relationship of nature and earth. It speaks to the unity of opposite forces being interconnected and counterbalancing. It is one of the most important parts of the Chinese philosophy that there is a connection between good and evil, light and dark, positive and negative, work and play.. The symbol is a white and black half representing these two interconnected opposing forces. There are female and male differences when it comes to the yin and yang concept. Yin and yang is shown to create duality and a perfect balance. In Chinese studies, women have yin energy and men have yang energy. Women are seen to be sweet, weak and help with preserving life. Those with female personalities are referred to as a Dragon. The male energy is referred to as the Tiger. Experts say that you will be more successful in life if you can decipher if you are a yin/dragon personality or a yang/tiger personality.

This article has shown you all about what is Tai-Chi? As an ancient martial arts tradition, it is an important part of the martial arts Chinese evolution. There are many schools around the world if you have an interest in becoming a student of Tai-Chi. It will be a great self defense mechanism and a great way to release anxiety and stress from your life.



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