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United World Muay Thai Association


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About Us

About Us

United World Muay Thai Association was formed in 1993 by Vut kamnark
who saw the need for a better governing body over Muay Thai fighting regulations
in Thailand and the United States. The United World Muay Thai Association
Promote sanctioned fights worldwide ! We are a non profit organization
dedicated to the Study and Enlightenment of Muay Thai - Muay Boran Martial Arts
and All Martial Artist's World wide. Thank you for your interest.

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Muay Thai / Muay Boran


About Muay Thai Techniques and

The martial arts of Muay Thai 



Lesson One


Fighting Discipline

What is Boxing?
Boxing is a form of combat fighting in which the two opponents usually wear special gloves while throwing punches at one another. Typically, there are other protective equipment used too, such as mouth guards and hand wraps.

Amateur boxing is an Olympic sport, a Commonwealth Games sport, and is a standard fixture in international games. The sport also has its own World Championship. A typical game is overseen by a referee and consists of several rounds, each lasting one-three minutes, unless an opponent forfeits or is declared defeated by the referee. If both opponents are still standing by the end of all rounds, then the victor is determined by the scorecards of the judges.

The History of Boxing
The earliest evidence of boxing rules dates back to Ancient Greece, where it was established as an Olympic sport in 688 BCE. The modern form of boxing evolved from 16th and 18th century prize fights in Great Britain, to the main forerunner of the sport in 1867 when the Marquess of Queensbury Rules were established.

In the late nineteenth century, boxing/prizefighting was outlawed in England and most of America. The sport was still held at gambling venues during this time, though often broken up by police. Most of these fights were done bare-fisted, causing actual bodily harm to the participants, and the end of it came in England after the R v. Coney case. Participants of the sport struggled to receive legitimacy, and movies portraying the sport were actually banned in Nevada, but they were aided by the promotion of powerful influencers such as Tex Rickard.

The modern Boxing of today arose from these illegal competitions, and is now mainly enjoyed among the lower class and those who participate in street fighting. In fact, most of the rising talent comes from poverty-stricken areas where street fighting is more prominent. Despite this, boxing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all in good fun. 

Boxing is a sport that involves using fists to fight. Boxing is also referred to as pugilism, which means using fists, and prizefighting, which means fighting for monetary benefits. In 1904, the world included boxing in the Olympic Games program. Before 1904, people used their fists to fight others to resolve conflicts before someone thought of it as entertainment.

Boxing sport is categorized into armature and professional, while both involve using fists to fight an opponent. Boxing fighters put on padded gloves and are required to observe the set rules. A winner in boxing is determined by either having higher scores than the opponent or interpreting the rival being unable to continue with the game. Sessions run from 3 to 12 rounds, where each round lasts for three minutes.

Boxing as a formal Olympic event dates back to 688 BCE. The first evidence of boxing appears in Sumerian relief carving in 1350 BCE, where both boxers and spectators were featured. During this period, fighters used bare fists when fighting or, at most, simply used a band to support the wrist. The first evidence of gloves or hand covers was in 1500 BCE, which showed fighters wearing taut plates strapped to the fist.

The boxing sport came to the United States towards the end of 1700 from England, and it was deeply rooted in 1800, mainly in the large states such as New York City, New Orleans, and Boston. American boxing was initially viewed as an illegal affair. It was primarily done in secret until later in the 19th century when the sport found advocates through a religious movement that viewed sports as a way of gaining moral and physical strength.

In American boxing, John L. Sullivan was recognized as the first heavyweight champion who emerged as a winner in 1882 and 1892. Through the years, American boxing has gained momentum, and by the 20th century, America became the center of professional boxing.



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