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This is our member’s database to search for schools and gyms to search for members by their membership number, all gym owners and instructors who wish to verify student rank and membership must obtain the member’s ID number.

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Helping Students and Teachers get conected. Take your training to the next level with A affiliate certified instructor

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Basic membership is always free for life. For Schools and Gym’s, and all individuals, regardless of Rank or Martial arts discipline. We are a big Non-Profit Martial Arts Family!


Our certifications are recognized worldwide. Once you are ranked with us, your progress should be accepted worldwide.


Become an Affiliate School or Gym and get a free webpage and help with web traffic to your website. We will put your School or Gym up on all our websites. It is our goal to grow the Martial Arts Family bigger and bigger every day. Regardless of martial Arts disciplines and affiliations. We are all in this world together! Let’s help each other make the most of it!!

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